Michael Geise

UI/UX Designer

I am a Philadelphia-based technology enthusiast with a passion for design. I have the vision to manage a project and the technical skills to deliver it, from wireframes to code.


Here is some of my most current work.





GlobalFit is the leading provider of integrated fitness solutions for corporations and insurers nationwide.

Maintaining and designing GlobalFit.com for it’s millions of users has been my day job since 2013. In addition to redesigning and implementing an entire new responsive front-end, I’ve also lead the design for many of their other digital products. Prior to my promotion as Sr. UI/UX Designer, I focused on marketing, where I carried out all of GlobalFit's digital marketing. Two examples of their large email campaigns sent to hundreds of thousands of people can be viewed here and here.

In addition to the gym site, I also developed the front-end for the reimbursement platform, GlobalFit Rewards.

Most recently I planned the UX of a studio, trainer, and gym pass app, GlobalFit Anywhere.

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Optum Fitness Advantage

Interactive Cemetery Guide

See what lies beneath.

This is a personal project for a local park, The Woodlands, that is filled with very interesting (buried) people. The site uses HTML5 GPS and the Google Maps API to coordinate and display the user in the cemetery as well as the locations for the residents. When a grave marker is click, a modal with information about the resident is displayed.

I started with the idea - I then iterated to wireframes, mockups, first draft of code, user testing, and revisions.

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Learn about the best kind of monger in these personal projects.

Gooseart is a personal project that creates automated geometric abstract art. A new and unique piece is created every time it is run by using JavaScript to fill in a SVG. I started with the idea - I then iterated to wireframes, mockups, first draft of code, user testing, and revisions.

Goosemonger.com is a mock-product website built to give life to the Goosemonger G-1000. The site was created using AngularJS and Zurb Foundation. It is very heavy in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and jQuery. It also uses animated gifs and vector graphics I created with Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, and Illustrator. Please sign up for updates about Goosemonger on the Learn page!

Gooseart Goosemonger

The Hidden Gallery

The Hidden Gallery

Explore the art in this personal project.

This is a side project to gain experience with Bootstrap and Meteor.js. I used MongoDB to manage and load artwork, NodeJS via Meteor.js to handle the server, and Bootstrap, Meteor.js’s Spacebars templating system and jQuery on the frontend. The Hidden Gallery is a custom built content management system to showcase some of my paintings. Don't forget to sign the guest book.

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SR. UI/UX Designer @ GlobalFit
May 2016 - Present

Digital Marketing Manager @ GlobalFit
May 2013 - May 2016

Marketing Coordinator @ H-B Instrument
September 2011 - May 2013

Relevant Skills

Mockups & Wireframes | Prototyping | UX Research

HTML5 & CSS3 | JavaScript & jQuery | Bootstrap | Git | PHP(Symfony) & MVC

Adobe Creative Cloud | Sketch | Google Analytics | HubSpot


University of Pittsburgh, College of Business Administration
Major: Marketing | Minor: Studio Arts
Graduation Date: April 2010

The Interaction Design Foundation
Lunametrics Google Analytics Training
Sandler Sales Training

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Bonus Points

When I'm not staring at a computer screen, I like following The Phillies, painting, listening to music, and hiking.